Christmas Joy is Hope

We come again to the most wonderful season of Christmas. W e may celebrate the day with many cherished, familial customs and traditions. For some our celebration may be with  family and friends. For others it might be or alone, or with the memories of loved ones we remember. However we celebrate, by far the greater celebration is the gift, the coming of infant Jesus into the world. He, a king, for our sakes came into this world as a pauper. He through whom all things were created, came as a baby. He who is all powerful came as the one who is vulnerable to all things human. He who came as the expression of God’s love came into an environment which is largely indifferent, if not outright hostile to the mystery of His holy birth. He came as a human, υποτάσσω, which is the Greek word meaning subject, as in under the rules, limits and conditions of humanity. As we say in a familiar Eucharistic prayer: He lived and died as one of us.

But something there is that does not love grace and love in this world. The people in the inn were indifferent to the grace of God just a few yards beyond the back door. Herod wasn’t indifferent. He was outright hostile. And in this year, 2017, some two thousand years after Jesus’ birth, he still persists in coming into a world that is indifferent, if not outright hostile still. Yet, deny it though we might, people still need the Lord. We still need grace. Compassion, forgiveness and charity are lost commodities in our time and place. If we look at the crèche and see the love of God, then we most also an indictment of our ignorance and indifference to the greatest treasure of all time.

May it be that your hearts are curiously moved during this holy season. May that love of God still touch your hearts and souls and be that lever that pries away the sin of indifference.

Blessed Christmas to one and all!


Fr. G+


About canongreg

I have been Rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Wellsboro, PA since 1994.
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