We still need a Savior . . .

Bear in mind that we do not gather every year to celebrate on this holy Christmas night something that is mythological. Let me boldly state that we do not gather to celebrate a story as though it were a fairytale or the stuff of the child’s book. We do not gather to celebrate something that is cute nor do we gather engage an exercise of maudlin sentimentality. Unfortunately with all the trappings that surround this holy night and the celebration of Christmas it sometimes comes across giving the impression that perhaps all of those things were true. But they are not. 

We gather today to celebrate the meaning of life and the fact that life has significance. We gather to celebrate that there is a greater meaning to life than what meets the eye. We gather to celebrate the life has more meaning than that. That your   existence and mine is greater than life live upon a globally shrinking ant hill that is getting warmer by the minute. The message of Christmas for the time in which we live is that life has meaning. Not because you and I rage that it may be so or in our anger that we demand that it must be so, But rather because God says that is so. 

Because the message of Christmas is that the light shone in the darkness even if the darkness comprehended it not. The message of Christmas is that the people who walked in darkness of seeing a great light and that great light comes in the form of a Savior who is Jesus Christ our Lord. Do I have to implore you how greatly we need to hear that message? 

No there maybe some among us who don’t put a whole lot of stock in this we need a savior stuff. Some among us, I tell you with tears in my eyes, would dismiss what we celebrate this holy night as though it were a fable for the aged and feebleminded. So in the one breath many among us doubt the gift of God is giving us a savior, Yet in the same breath we demand of him whose existence we deny, How could he let it happen? Hurricane Sandy; Clackamas, Oregon; Newtown Connecticut; Coudersport and Hawk Run, Pennsylvania; Rochester, New York. Our children live in a culture of violence and yet we deny the existence of the prince of peace. We all live in a culture of violence and yet we as a culture reject the message of hope that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So don’t try to tell me that we do not need a Savior. We need a Savior so badly we don’t even see the ways in which we need the gift of salvation.

Well, it is not a typical Christmas message, but then these are days in which we need to hear the message of hope anew, and with that desire, I wish you one and all a Blessed Christmas.


Canon Greg+


About canongreg

I have been Rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Wellsboro, PA since 1994.
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