Resources to develop your prayer life

Many of us use Forward Day by Day as a foundation for our daily reading and meditation time. If you have not tried this devotion, I heartily recommend it. Easily carried as a pocket booklet, Forward includes a daily reading, recommended Bible readings that can be done additionally, and prayers on the inside covers, front and back.

There are a wide variety of ways to use Forward Day by Day. One can use just the reading for the day; one might look up one or more of the Bible Readings, one might carry the booklet along through the day and review the meditation at lunch or dinner time. Meditations in Forward are based on the Lectionaries of the Episcopal Church and the days of observation in the calendar of the Church Year.

There are other devotional readings one might use instead of Forward Day by Day. One that I periodically enjoy is My Utmost for His Highest, by Oswald Chambers. Although affiliated with the Pentecostal League of Prayer during his lifetime, Chambers’ work, My Utmost for His Highest remains a timeless classic of Christian Literature.

Originally it was published in 1927, some ten years after Chambers’ death. This book has stood the test of time. Transcending the limits of bias, it is a popular devotional and worthwhile resource, which I would heartily commend for you to explore, particularly if your enthusiasm for Forward Day by Day has diminished over the years. My Utmost for His Highest is available in book and electronic formats. If portability is an issue, it could be downloaded to an iphone—the book itself is not exactly pocket size.

Daily prayer and devotional reading make up the “meat and potatoes” of your spiritual life. Daily devotionals are wonderful, and in some ways intrinsic to the Christian life.

Yes, I am well aware how time presses upon us all, including me. In practical terms that means there are some days I miss the reading, or the prayer time. I’ve learned that one can either become very frustrated with one’s self, or one can simply and humbly move forward, trusting that there will come a day and a year when one will in fact come back to those readings. The life of prayer is one of great adventure, a source of strength and renewal. Take the time to explore it!


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I have been Rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Wellsboro, PA since 1994.
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