Without Love, Our Works are Worth Nothing

Another foot of fallen snow created havoc yet again.  That dayI  I spent four hours cleaning my own driveway; it couldn’t exactly be called a day off. We’ve certainly had our share of weather interruptions this winter. What would be the condition of our walks around the Church on Tuesday Morning as I came to the Church? The walks were all cleared, and the steps were all shoveled.

I could tell from the markings of the snow that this was the work of human activity, for there were marks in the snow that suggested that a snow blower was used—God in His infinite wisdom did not cause the snow not to fall on Saint Paul’s walks and steps.

I breathed a prayer of great thanksgiving as I came into the office. But then I thought of my message to the parish at the annual meeting about the ways in which it seems that Saint Paul’s always steps up through the mission and the ministry of its members.

I was grateful for the ways in which the walks were shoveled, but more than that, I’m grateful for the ways in which we all have laid to heart the essence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Was it not just this past Sunday that we read about the ethic of love in Matthew’s Gospel? Had we not been reminded of those sayings of our Lord that remind us to strive to go the extra mile, to take on the thing that is challenging because of our love of Jesus?

The words the Collect for 7 Epiphany always strike me of the importance of love in the Christian life, as we pray “You have taught us that without love all our works are worth nothing, and without love, whoever lives is accounted as dead before You.”

I give thanks that we are a community where the love of God is translated into a sense of mission and ministry.That’s not only shown in getting our sidewalks cleared. It is shown:

  • in our stepping up with the Loving Spoonful meal program.
  • in our taking on the Relay for Life and raising funds for our team with the Sweetheart Dinner Dance.
  • by the way our various and sundry committees of the vestry are really expressions of member’s sense of mission and ministry in our Lord’ s Name.

Thanks be to God for all that we do together in the love of our Lord Jesus!


Canon Greg+


About canongreg

I have been Rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Wellsboro, PA since 1994.
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