Lift up your hearts…

Thanks to all who helped with this year’s successful Antique Show! While it seemed that the public’s attendance at the show was somewhat less than we may have liked, ars from our receipts that the profit margin from the show was commensurate with the last several years’ shows. While it may not have been universally the case, some of our dealers reported to me that their booth’s sales were cheerful. One area that appeared to be stronger than other years was the sale of tickets for our raffle items including our homemade quilt.

What I thought was extremely successful was the way in which our committee organized the Show this year, to which I would add my thanks for the way in which people generously signed up to help with the setup of the hall, the unloading and loading of the dealers, and the cleanup after the Show was completed. I’m thankful to one and ll who assisted in this important aspect of our parish life.

The Antique Show is not just about the funds that we raise. It is about the fellowship that comes from working together towards a common goal with one another, which helps to foster a sense of community spirit that is a big part of Saint Paul’s. So, while the tangible aspects of the Show are important, the intangible aspects are even more important.

Linda McNeill won the quilt. One of our dealers, Jan Madigan, won the small trunk. Esther Willard won the ice cream parlor chair, and Bob Blair gained the antique fabric holder.

This week’s gospel is about the healing of the ten lepers. You know the story: only one returns to give thanks to God for his blessings that were given. I hope that we all focus on what we have for which to be grateful in this season, and at all times and places.

My theological reflection on this comes from that familiar portion of the Canon of the Eucharist, the Sursum Corda (“Lift up your hearts”), in which we proclaim, “It is meet, right and our bounden duty always and everywhere to give THANKS!”


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I have been Rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Wellsboro, PA since 1994.
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